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Reverse phone lookup sites -- like WhitePages. But reverse phone lookup doesn't come free for cell phone numbers. In fact, the whole concept of reverse phone number lookup changes when phones go mobile. Cell phone numbers are issued by individual mobile phone companies rather than by an interlocking system of regional phone companies, as landline numbers are. That makes phone numbers and user information harder to access and turn into a searchable online database. At the same time, many cell phone users treasure their privacy and don't want just anyone to be able to reach them on their cell phones.

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While some cell phone users just want to be left alone, others -- particularly those who've abandoned landline phones -- would like to find friends and contacts through reverse phone number lookup or an online directory. That's also true of other cell phone users who simply want to know who's calling when they see an unfamiliar number on their phone. Fortunately, reverse cell phone number lookup is easy, although not free. Contacts is requested so that you can add numbers directly to your saved contacts.

If a user finds someone they need to save into their phone, they can easily do so after they found them in our app. I understand the privacy concerns, and hopefully this provides some useful context.

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Whitepages is the trusted source for people search, phone numbers, reverse phone lookup and background checks that include criminal records, arrests, and public records.

Sep 24, Version 3. Information Seller Whitepages. Size Category Reference.

Compatibility Requires iOS Also if you know people that are in their seventies they have good for nothing kids, their grown kids pose a threat!!! Mom and dad go to funerals like it is a social gathering to get details from family members and the older sons and wives break into the house steal titles and documents to claim insurance, credit card info, tax info and try to put property up for sale!!!! This happened to me after spouse died in a small town with population under !!! Savoy, Tx. They don't own property, they list it to do more scams so you fill out paperwork for a house!

There your social and bank are exposed and credit!!! Internet research shows they have lived in over 25 states plus cities!!!!!!! Truth finders is theirs, Been verifiedis theirs, and find numbers, and anytime it says it's a ad don't get in it!

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It's a scam for their business!!! You Have Been Imformed!!! Contact your credit card company. I have had many bad charges reversed by bad business practices. My bank, Bank of America, even credits me the money and then goes after the business Good luck! WhitePages reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share.

This website has my name and address and all the info. I have been trying to opt-out and have them remove the info. The website took me through the whole process and when it comes to verifying me by calling me and giving me a code, then it says "the number is busy"! I tried it 7 times. I believe that the whole thing is a scam and they just need a bunch of names listed on their website so they can sell bogus info.

Accurate or not! Because of their junky info. This can't be legal. Is it? How can they get away with this? I am really pissed. I will not leave this alone until they take my name off this low rate, scammy website. A Real Nightmare!!! I searched for 2 people about 3 months ago, just out of curiosity, and since then, I get at least 3 or 4 emails a week from them stating they have updated information on people I'm monitoring???!!!

I'm not monitoring anyone and I've tried to have my name removed from their database so they will quit sending me emails, but they won't stop!! Yes 1. Sherlock can find his way around these sites to at least get a landline number - probably old and disconnected. Used to be telephone utilities had to provide basic information about customers who paid for their services. I guess they paid lobbyists to go to work to get pols to make US pay for that information now : how to connect with people who pay to use cell phone services, landline services.

Imagine lying about your product: yeh, I'm going to give you this information for free.

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    Bunch of crap!! I wish I read the reviews before I signed up Once I did that I wasn't prompted for a sign in and when I tried the website kept prompting me to sign up again.

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    I told her that whitepages had 2 pending in my account. She told me to call my bank.. I asked why would I call my bank? I guess I'll read reviews from now on Yes 4.