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My grandfather Jerome b. I am assuming that that Jerome may be a cousin since that was not uncommon for family members to share plots. Let me know if any of these Kellehers may ring a bell with you.

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Look forward to hearing form you as I am been researching since off and on. While searching for another veteran of the American Civil War, I came across the grave of Nicholas Pomeroy, Is there any definite dates as to his birth and death?

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County Kerry, Ireland Genealogy

Thanks very much, Jack. The address listed for him on his baptism certificate says Commons East. Do any of these family names or places sound familiar to anyone. My uncle is planning a visit to Ireland this month and is going to try and find some information about the family. It would be so good if I could give him someplaces or people to contact on his visit. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this message.

Elaine, a chara It's always unfortunate when people wait until just before coming to Ireland to decide to research family information because it generally takes longer than a few days or few weeks to do so. There wouldn't just be one family with those surnames. One of the major constraints in researhing family in Ireland is that there are no surviving census records before to find anyone.

There are no records in Ireland about who emigrated or where they went. Ships passenger records that survived were handed in at the ports of arrival. Even though the first available Irish census record is that record isn't computerised or online as yet. To search it to find Martin Dineen's information in that census you would need to search the microfilms for Ardfert to find that information.

The County Kerry census has just been put online. To find out if Martin had other children you'd need to research Irish civil registrations records eg. Also many people have opted out of being in either the printed or online version.

Laws for registration of births, deaths and marriages

Many people here in irelad today have mobile cell phones and not land lines. Catholic marriages had to be performed at the church. Her marriage record in Ireland should include what her father's name was as well as her residence at the time she married. If she was baptised in Ardfert her baptismal record will be in the parish records.

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The Diocese of Kerry website has a link to St. Regarding the Mullanes their civil and church records in the US would be the sources to search to find out their dates of birth, birthplaces and parents names. What were their dates of birth? When did they marry? What were the dates of birth of their children? You need that type of detail about them not just names and that they emigrated to New York. Their oldest son my G-grandfather came here first in According to infromation that I did get, this was all of the immediate family.

But, Daniel did have a younger brother named Martin born in I have not been able to get any information about him. Are you from Kerry, Ireland? Mary was my G-grandmother. Once again thank you so much for your information. Eilis OHara, First, let me say thank you for so much input.

I will be using all your suggestions that you so graciously have given to me. As you probably have guessed, I do not have a lot of skill in finding records or even where to look for them, so your information will help me a lot I am sure. My Uncle Tom Dineen will be calling on the Priest in Ardfert, he was going to wait until he got there because the first part of his trip was going to be in Dublin and then spend a couple of days in area close to Ardfert.

I guess I will tell him he should call before he goes to Ireland and then he can let the Priest know when he will be there. Their are also civil records for the Dineens that he is going to get; Denis Dineen and Mary Fitzgerald's death records, and Daniel and Kate's marriage record and the birth records of the children of Daniel and Kate. I never met my G-grandparents although my G-grandfather lived until he was 94 years old.

Retired from the Department of Sanitation where he work all his life here.

But, I feel I know them in my heart. Do know what I mean? I have been searching for five years now, not just for the Dineen's but also, the Dingevan's my mother's parents and the Baker's and Costigan's my father's parents. My mother and her siblings that are still alive, do not know much about their families and I started out just trying to get some family information for them and now I can't stop looking. I want to know as much as I can find out. My aunts and uncles think I am the family historian, which I think is nice.

But, I know I have a long way to go. So, dear Ms OHara thank you so much. Elaine What does a chara and Beir bua mean? Elaine, a chara It would be best and most courteous for your uncle to ring the priest before he comes to enquire whether he can see the parish records at the parish and if so schedule the appointment to do so. The Diocese of Kerry has been very strict about limiting access to its parish records.

Source Information

Permission of the Bishop of Kerry had been required to view the records until very recently. Parishes here don't have the staff those in the US do. The priest's main responsibilities are the religious needs of the parish so those have priority of course. Also the priest might be on vacation which we call on holidays in Ireland himself during the time your uncle is visiting.

Irish civil registration eg. You know about Griffiths Valuation, the property valuation done in Co. Kerry in and the detail is on the Irish Origins website with the maps of the property locations. Your uncle should get a Kerry Discovery map when he comes.

Research your ancestors using Irish church registers

The Discovery map would show more of the townlands as well as the rural roads which most of the other maps don't include. You'll also want the Discovery maps to put with your Family History Information so everyone can see the location where the family members originated in more detail. Two other things he should get when he goes to Eason's.

The first is the Michelin map of Ireland and it's number It's one of the best maps I've found with detail on the roads around the country. Do advise your uncle Ireland is on the whole a very rural country as is County Kerry and many of the roads are quite narrow with stone walls and high hedgerows in many places. He'll be driving on the left which means everything is backwards from what he's used to in the US including the roundabouts which you call traffic circles.