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Report it to the police and Instagram and they will sort it from there. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Not Helpful 25 Helpful You can use a website where you send the user a link and when they click it, it gives you their IP address. I'm pretty sure this can be done for any form of online communication.

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This is impossible. However, you could try tricking them into sending you an email. Do I get to know the person's name registered on the network by using the tracert command?

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Tracert only works like the traceroute command on Cisco CLI. It just traces the hop by hop path to the desired network ISP router or switch. Not Helpful 8 Helpful You can look up IP addresses from an iPhone the same way you would do so with a computer.

A word about accuracy:

If you have Internet access, use the IP-address-tracing websites mentioned in the article. Not Helpful 29 Helpful It can, if you set a static IP address for a given device. DHCP has what's known as a lease time, after which a device may be assigned a new address. Your network also has a public IP address, which it uses to connect to the internet. This generally does not change. Not Helpful 14 Helpful How do I stop an IP address from continuously trying to hack into my email? Change your IP address, change your passwords and run an anti-virus program on your computer.

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Answer this question Flag as The drawback: It still close to home and public networks aren't always safe from other eavesdroppers. Use the Tor network. Tor is an entirely different kind of network that is free and available to all. The drawback: It doesn't offer great security and there are some very odd characters in some corners of Tor. Use a proxy.

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They're a touch old-fashioned and tricky to use, but a proxy hides your actual IP address. The drawback: Many websites block proxy access. A VPN is a service that redirects your Internet requests through a secure "tunnel" that is hacker proof.

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But more importantly, a VPN service assigns your live connection a different IP address, then reroutes your Internet request to the world. And once you do, you can stop worrying about strange people potentially showing up at your front door. I Want a VPN. About Press Contact. You probably don't think too much about your IP address, but maybe it's time you did.

But there's more you need to know. See, your IP address is something like a beacon on the Internet. Many may wonder how trackable an IP address is and if it could lead back to them. The answer is yes and no. Which you use will come down to preference or convenience.

How do I determine the physical location of an IP address?

On Windows 10, that will provide you with multiple lists of information detailing your connections and network adapters, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses. Like it did above, that will return several lines of network information. That should return your IP address. Because Linux is open source and there are many distributions, the method for accessing the command line or your IP address could be different.

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Generally, the above method should work for Debian, Ubuntu and Mint. Emails carry the IP address of the sender in what is called a header. Email headers are like digital envelopes, containing important information about the receiver and sender. Still, evaluating the email header could help identify spam or phishing attempts and help keep your inbox safe.

Email headers contain complicated blocks of information that is usually longer than the email itself. Alternatively, you can copy the header and paste it into an email header analyzer, such as this one from Google. Another one can be found at whatismyipaddress. There are a couple of ways to obtain an IP address with command line tools. It allows your computer to ping a host and receive a reply. It will allow you to view active connections across all applications and ports. That will help limit output to connections you want to see.