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For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests. It kind of sounds like something went wrong in the restore process on the phone's side of things, but I'm not exactly sure.

Yes, this definitely is setting new precedence for strange. Nothing I do seems to work.

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Except for the visual voicemails, what you describe is exactly how I dealt with voicemail until this happened. The reason visual voicemails are unavailable for me is that they cost extra with my Verizon plan and I don't pay for them. I just tried changing the voicemail password under phone in my settings just to find out if that might reset things, and all I get is an error message that voicemail is not available at this time and that I should try again later.

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So, no help there. Nothing I do when the phone accesses the external voicemail system has helped.

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What is really interesting is that my mother got a new iPhone 5c for her birthday just about two weeks before I got my 5s. She also uses Verizon and moved from an Android phone.

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Her voicemail tab looks and functions exactly as mine did on my iPhone 4 and how I expected things to function. I am not sure there is anything left that I can do on the phone myself. I am still hoping for some ray of inspiration to come along and lead me to a solution that doesn't require dealing with technical support, but if I must, I must. Hi Chris, I think your best beet is going into the verizon store and seeing if they will reset the box.

I've dealt with verizon in my local city, and they seem very understanding about my blindness and they're very willing to help me if I need it. Like you said this is very strange and should go away with a reset of your voicemail box.

I used to listen to my messages by just pressing on my visual voicemail I've just updated iOS and changed providers and now I have to phone to get messages Unfortunately folks, this is a paid feature with most cariers. Nothing anyone can do about that so if it is that big of a deal, you could always subscribe to the service. Frankly, I believe it is worth the money. If I'm not mistaken, the problem you're encountering deals directly with the visual voicemail function on the iPhone.

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Since visual voicemail was disabled on your device, accessing messages has to be done through the keypad. If the issue happened during the time when your visual voicemail was working, then you might need to reach your service provider to see if they can investigate it. In the meantime, I found an Apple support page discussing trouble shooting tips for situations like these. The problem turned out to be very simple and only required onne setting change. It also did not cost me a fee nor an increase in my bill.

The poster who advised checking the cellular data setting was correct. As soon as I turned data back on, things went back to normal.

Finally, my brain functioned and I went to iTunes on my Mac Pro laptop and used my last iPhone backup to restore my phone. Everything is working properly and I even got it together on the iCloud.

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