State of wisconsin sex offender registry

Registration serves as a means for monitoring and tracking an offender's whereabouts. If you do not have a VIN, you will then be given a choice to either obtain instructions on how to proceed in accessing information or to directly proceed to the Registry access system. If you do not have a Victim Identification Number, you will be told the following:.

Who has to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin?

If you do not have a Victim Identification Number, you must be prepared to provide the following information regarding the person s whom you are inquiring about:. It is necessary to have the above information on the person s you are inquiring about, in order to ensure that a reliable search is made against the database, and that information provided to the caller is accurate.

The purpose of requiring specific identifying information is to create a safeguard from providing false or misleading information from the Registry.

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  • Community Notification?

Providing insufficient or incomplete identifying information will lead to an inconclusive search of the Registry. However, access for each of these groups is limited to certain types of information.

Public notification has been required by national law for several years. This act required all states to establish stringent registration programs for sex offenders by September , including the identification and lifetime registration of "sexual predators. Jacob is still missing. Megan's Law mandated all states to develop notification protocol that would allow public access to information about sex offenders in the community.

Megan's Law was named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted and murdered by a twice-convicted child molester in her New Jersey neighborhood. Sex offenders pose an ongoing risk of engaging in sex offenses even after being released from incarceration or commitment.

Sex Offenders

Protection of the public from sex offenders is a paramount governmental interest. Persons found to have committed a sex offense have a reduced expectation of privacy in the interest of public safety.

Registration, while on supervision and following the expiration from sentence, serves as a means for monitoring and tracking the whereabouts of sex offenders in the community. Wisconsin Statute Under Wisconsin Statute The registrant must report any changes of residence, employment, school, vehicle or name within 10 days of the effective change. Registrants are also required to complete an annual verification form.

In addition, registrants are subject to periodic, random verification checks conducted by the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Supervision Rules - Probation - Extended Supervision - Parole

Mandatory Registration: All offenders who are convicted of any included offense WI ss. This includes juveniles, probationers, parolees, adult offenders entering Wisconsin supervision from another state, adult offenders leaving Wisconsin supervision to another state, and persons entering this state under a federal, tribal or military conviction for a sexual offense.

People who are convicted of, adjudicated or committed for a violation, solicitation, conspiracy or attempt to commit a violation of any registerable offense on or after December 25, , must register.

'Romeo and Juliet' bill would remove teens from sex offender registry

This also includes people who have been in prison, on probation or parole, or in a mental or county correctional institution since December 25, , for a registerable offense. Additionally, the following sex offenders are required to register in Wisconsin if they live, work or attend school in Wisconsin:. Any sex offender who has been convicted in another state of an offense comparable to one of Wisconsin's registerable offenses.

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  2. Understanding The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.
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  6. Any juvenile who is on supervision and enters Wisconsin under the Interstate Compact Agreement. Please consult Wisconsin Statute Any individual committed under Any sex offender convicted in any military, tribal or federal court who resides, works or attends school within Wisconsin.

    Any sex offender who is required to register in another state and who resides, works or attends school within Wisconsin. Any juvenile who has been adjudicated delinquent in another state based on a sex offense and who is under supervision in Wisconsin under the Interstate Compact for the placement of juveniles. It is important to note that the law is not intended to impose additional "punishment" on the offender but rather to increase offender accountability through enhanced information sharing within and between the criminal justice system and the community.

    If a person commits a crime using information disclosed to him or her from the Registry , the penalties may be imposed as follows:. In case of a felony, the maximum term of imprisonment prescribed by law for the crime may be increased by not more than five years. At a minimum, the following are the data items that are maintained and updated on all sex offenders in the Registry:.