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Ford Manufacture Dates

As can be seen from the chart below, the same letters were used to identify different engines in different years, so be sure you're looking at the correct model year section of the chart when you decode an engine VIN. Looking at the section of the chart, for example, tells us that the S code engine in our sample VIN is a 4V. Click a model year for engine spec. The last six digits of the VIN are the sequential unit number of the car, beginning each model year with Thus, to determine where your car fits in the model run, simply subtract from your sequential unit number:.

Sequential unit numbers are useful for determining when a Cougar was built within the model year run. For example, we know from the History section of Encata that , Cats were produced in , so our sample car was built during the first third of the model year production run. New Posts.

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Members Profile. I am trying to locate the VIN code on my 70 Torino.

The door and dash plates are gone. Can anyone help me find another location where the VIN is stamped during the manufacturing process frame, firewall etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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I can't license the car until I find the VIN. Pre-Qualify For Easy Financing! Please Select Actual Price:.

How to locate the VIN number on a 1971 1972 1973 Ford Mustang

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Ford f100: vin number..drivers door..no plate in the glove box…

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