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You cannot cancel the plan in the same month that you activate. Is there a re-connection fee with the Iridium GO! Yes, you can disconnect the service at any time. The billing cycle is from the 1st of the month. For this reason, we recommend purchasing an additional SIM card when purchasing the equipment. You can also change Iridium GO! What is the best plan for making voice calls?

Can the Iridium GO! The unit is also ideal for taking to remote places inland, and with the SOS Alert button, help is not far away! Does the Marine Package include my weather services from PredictWind? No, the weather services are separate to your satellite airtime connection. You can change your plan anytime during the month, the change will take effect immediately.

You will be charged any overages that are due on the existing plan at the end of the month. The monthly charge on the new plan will be prorated and paid immediately.

You may only change the plan once per month. Why upgrade your existing Satellite Phone? Minimal hardware cost to sell old Sat phone and upgrade to Iridium GO! Please see comparison table below. Can I install the Iridium GO! All boat installations require an external antenna, as any degradation of the signal results in dramatically lower data speeds.

What is the external antenna size, and how does it mount? Only Iridium GO! The data speed is 2. At this data speed, the Iridium GO! The data speed is too slow for general web browsing. How long does the Iridium GO! Conservatively you should allow days depending on your technical ability. In addition it is a good idea to have the unit setup 1 month prior to departure so you can become familiar with the features of the Apps. Once setup, the features are easy to use. To setup the Iridium GO you will need access to a high speed internet connection to download the Apps and watch the video tutorials.

Local sales tax maybe added onto your hardware purchase. For the airtime plans, depending on your location, local taxes may apply, and this is added during the activation checkout process. If you change your location whilst using the service you can login to the Satellite Portal and change your Billing address, which will calculate the new tax rate.

Plans can be cancelled at any stage during the month except during the first month as you cannot activate a plan and cancel a plan in the same calendar month. The cancellation will happen immediately. No refunds are applied to the existing plan.

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The Unlimited plan has bundled minutes for free outgoing voice calls. Learn more about how use the Offshore App. Works with all iOS and Android devices. Use your smartphone naturally without having to simultaneously hold and orientate satellite component. Diameter: 10mm Color: Black. We use cookies on this website to provide you with the best experience possible - more info. We may also collect, store and use your personal information, for instance for registration, placing an order, or complete online forms, in accordance to our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Simply the most economical way to get weather information and communicate offshore Buy Now. PredictWind Iridium GO! Free SIM Card with every order! SIM Card Reactivation.

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Predictwind Airtime Plans. Basic 5 mins data. Select Plan. Plan Details. Basic Plan Details We recommend using this plan as a holding or set up plan only. Activation Fee:. Monthly Charge:. Data Minutes:. Inbound Voice Calls:. Data Calls Per Minute after bundled 5 mins :.

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Inbound SMS:. Plus bundled mins. Plus Plan Details Activation Fee:. Data Calls Per Minute after bundled mins :.

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Unlimited minutes Unlimited data! For a limited time, activate on our 15 GB plan and get a 15 GB bonus at no extra cost. Check out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. When you order a new device, it will be ready to activate when you power it on. Follow the steps on your device screen to complete activation. If you're unable to activate your phone this way, or if you bring your own device, you can activate it online in My Verizon. Learn how to activate or swap devices in My Verizon:. Most smartphones on our network average about 2 GB of data each month.

The chart below will give you an idea of how much data is used for many common activities. When signing up for a new data plan, we recommend that you look at your history of data usage in My Verizon if you have any. Also, here's a list of top activities that use data and how much they generally use:. A Prepaid Family Account lets you have up to 10 prepaid lines on one account, making it easier to manage multiple prepaid lines. Each line on the account has its own plan and data allowance, so there's no need to worry about sharing.

Plus, each Account Member can use My Verizon to manage their own line e. The account also has one Account Owner who can manage all the lines through a single My Verizon account. The Account Owner pays for all the lines at the same time, on one renewal date. No more juggling multiple balances or due dates. You can view all prepaid phones and other devices that are available for purchase on our Prepaid Shop page. My Verizon for Prepaid is a secure online portal that helps you manage your prepaid account and device from anywhere.

Learn more and find step-by-step instructions on how to use My Verizon for Prepaid on your computer.

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Receive a text with a link to download the app. Get Double the Data. Credit or Debit card only req'd. A smarter Prepaid, family-sized. Get the latest phones. Add money fast with Instant Pay. Unlimited High Speed Data. List as of Line 2 Remove. Line 3 Remove.

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Line 4 Remove. Line 5 Remove. Line 6 Remove. Line 7 Remove. Line 8 Remove. Line 9 Remove. Line 10 Remove. Total monthly cost Plus taxes and fees. Total monthly savings All totals are estimates and may change when finalizing your order.