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The entry of a judgment of separation under ORS A decree or judgment of dissolution of marriage granted by a court of this or any other state upon constructive service of summons does not affect an award of support or maintenance in a judgment of separation made pursuant to ORS The other party may file a written consent to conversion and waiver of the hearing at any time before the hearing.

A supplemental judgment of dissolution entered under this section does not set aside, alter, or modify any part of the judgment of separation that has created or granted rights that have vested. A marriage may be dissolved by the summary dissolution procedure specified in this section and ORS Facts: The parties had an abusive marriage, which led to a contentious divorce.

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They had a son, and they shared custody. She asserted that the defendant had given false reports to authorities that she was molesting and harming their son, had given false reports to the authorities that they needed to come to the home to do a safety check, and had come to her home without her permission and threatened her.

Outcome: The court held that the lower court erred in granting the SPO and reversed the order and the award of attorney fees to the ex-wife. The court explained that there was only one crime against the petitioner, which was insufficient to establish the single physical contact required by ORS In a divorce case, courts have seemed very careful about whether the alleged threats to the plaintiff were actionable.

Joint custody does not mean that the child lives with each parent for one-half the time.

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Looking for something in particular? Search for it here. File a Motion to Go Back to Court Parents sometimes need to come back to court after a custody case is finished to have orders changed. Appealing an Order Learn how to "appeal" your case if you disagree with the final decision reached by the judge after your trial.

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There is no clear-cut description of what a judge will agree is a valid reason to set aside an order in these cases. In your paperwork, you will have to 1 describe, as clearly as possible, why you did not answer the papers in time, 2 explain why you had a good reason or excuse, and 3 why you should be allowed to respond to the original petition or other document and participate in your case.

The fact that you are self-represented is not an excuse for making a mistake. Deadline to file the request for order: The deadline for filing a request for order to set aside under this law is 6 months from the date the order was made against you.

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Deadlines can be tricky to figure out so make sure you get help to find out the exact deadline for your situation. You have 6 months to file the request for order, BUT you should do it as soon as you realize the mistake.

Steps of the Appeal Process in a Divorce Court Case

The law says you must do it within a reasonable time, which means as soon as is reasonable once you realize that an order was made. Do not wait to the end of the 6 months if you found out much sooner that the order was made!

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You must file AND serve the request for order within these 6 months. This means that you did not actually receive or see a copy of the summons and petition.

For example, if the summons and petition were served by posting the papers at the courthouse or by publishing them in a newspaper, it is possible you never saw the documents or knew that they were filed. In your request to the court, you must explain that the fact you did not receive notice of the summons and petition was NOT due to your own inexcusable neglect or because you avoided getting served.

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Deadline to file the request for order You must file a request for order to set aside under this law within a reasonable timeā€”BUT there are strict deadlines: You must file the request for order to set aside within 2 years after the date when the default judgment was entered against you.

The deadline is sooner if the court files show that you were served with a written notice of entry of that default judgment.

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In this case, you must file the request to set aside within days from the date you were served that notice. Although you may have up to 2 years, you have to act within a reasonable time. Do not wait to file once you find out about the judgment.

Act quickly. You must file AND serve the request for order within this time period. Here is a brief description of the legal reasons for this type of request to set aside and the time limit to file your request under each reason: Actual fraud : where one spouse or partner was kept from having information or from participating in the case through fraud. You must file the request for order to set aside within a year after you discover, or should have discovered, the fraud.